Birth of Nova: A Peaceful Belly Birth

“However she needs to come into the world is ok with me.”

These words are so significant.

Emily and Warren were expecting their first baby, a girl, to arrive right before Christmas time. They planned to deliver at Family Birth and Wellness, a freestanding, local birth center here in Springfield. I treasure every birth I photograph among the team of midwives there, so I was stoked to hear she had found my work through the center.

I met the couple for coffee right around the time that I went on-call for her birth where they mentioned baby may be breech, and it was confirmed at their appointment the following week.

After being sent to an OB to try to turn baby through an ECV (External Cephalic Version, for more info visit, baby didn’t want to turn, so their midwife scheduled a cesarean for one week later. This gave baby ample time and opportunity to turn as well as grow and receive nourishment as much as she could by her due date. I could tell from talking with Emilee she was feeling slightly disappointed that her birth plan wasn’t going to be all that she had imagined, but more than that, I could tell how excited she was to meet her baby. She knew that her daughter knew how to be born, and however she entered the world was ok, so long as she was safe.

Though this birth story doesn’t have the labor images as many others do, I witnessed some of the most intimate and tender moments exchanged between two people who were only minutes away from meeting their child. I have to admit, even I got emotional. I’ve said before that birth stories are love stories, and that couldn’t be more true for this couple-to-family.

While I wasn’t allowed into the OR at this hospital, the anesthesiologist documented moments after baby was born, and he did an amazing job. I met the new parents and their daughter in the recovery room right after and was able to spend ample time photographing every tiny detail, and even went with them to their postpartum room to continue documenting their story. Their baby was finally in their arms. She couldn’t have been more beautiful!

While it wasn’t how Emilee had visualized her birth going, she was so glad to finally have her Nova on the outside. She came into the world safely and peacefully at over a 9 pounds. Both parents are so in love with their healthy girl!