Birth of Sawyer

Normally I would start a birth blog with the moments I met my client, but with Liz, I don’t actually remember our meeting. We went to college together, our dorms were neighbors, and we saw each other regularly at different school events. And if you would’ve told me in those days that I would be photographing Liz’s birth, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But it did happen, and it was amazing.

After her maternity shoot, we talked about her expectations for her birth. This being her first, she was fully expecting to carry to her due date, or go late. When her due date came and went, she was clearly ready to meet her little boy! I got the text that they were beginning her induction on Wednesday night. There’s always no telling how birth can go, so when she was 3cm at about 8:30 on Thursday, we all expected her body to take its time. Still, I wanted to get there with plenty of time because she was about an hour away. About 20 minutes into my hour drive, I got a text from her doula (who was also my doula and mutual college friend!) that she was 9cm! You can probably imagine the next words out of my mouth--”I’m gonna miss this birth!” I jokingly texted back when I had about 25 min left in my drive for her to “keep the baby inside,” knowing how ridiculous that sounded.

Usually, Mommas go from 9 to 10 pretty quickly, though not always. And when they’re complete, babies don’t like to just wait around. So it was a total shocker to me that when I walked into the delivery room, baby hadn’t been born, and everyone was calmly, happily awaiting his arrival. I met her mom, who was a total hoot and completely thrilled to be with her daughter for this moment.

When it was time to push, you could sense the excitement and nervousness building in the soon-to-be Mom and Dad. They discussed if he’d have brown hair like them and how much he would weigh. Before we knew it, she was pushing her baby into the world. Sawyer came out with a beautiful head of blonde hair and was placed right into his Momma’s arms. Though he was quiet most of the morning, nothing could stop the tears from filling Dad’s eyes at this moment. His son was here.


Natassia Lopez