A Speedy Delivery

A few days overdue, Shelby decided to go on a walk down the hill on her gravel farm road with her partner, Kevin, and three kids. She sent me a picture text of the gang all loaded up in their double stroller and that she was trying to get things going.

She came back into her house and felt achy, but nothing felt like it did with her other labors. So she kept wondering, is this really “it?” Contractions were almost constant, and she couldn’t really tell when they started or stopped. She was able to carry on with their regular routine and even took a bath!

Around 10 pm, she and Kevin decided this had to be it—the contractions, though they were different to her, weren’t letting up. It was time to head into the birth center. They live at least 30 minutes away from the birth center and needed to get going. Normally, my birth clients will give me a call at this time to head in and meet them at the center, but Shelby was so deep into her labor that she couldn’t think straight! She was focused on getting through each contraction. Her husband, trying to rush her to the center, was able to call the midwife to meet them there.

Just in time, as Shelby got out of the car and walked to the birth room,  she had a contraction where the midwife checked and told her baby was coming. She was leaning on the bed when she pushed and birthed her third little girl!

About an hour later, I got a text from Dad saying that their little girl was born! I got dressed and came speedily to the birth center where Shelby and her baby were relaxed in bed. I was able to document these first hours, her newborn exam, and first latch.

A couple of days later, I made my way to their home where I documented a couple of hours in the life of their not-so-little-anymore family. The eldest of them all, big brother, came excitedly into the room as his tiniest little sister was getting her newborn screen. (He was more interested in my camera than anything!) The biggest sister was on the bed, next to her Mom, when they started to discuss possible baby names. They hadn’t really landed on a name they felt best suited her, but sister was sure she’d find the right one.

This was their beautiful life now. Four children, in their new-to-them home in the rolling hills of the Midwest. It’s sure to be fun, messy, and at times overwhelming. But it was so evident that they were made for each other. They were all together now. In as quickly as she arrived, she so speedily made their family complete.