Baby Jolie's Fresh48

When I woke up in the middle of the night Monday feeling the dreaded stomach bug coming on, I knew it was going to knock me out for at least two days. And I was devastated because I knew that meant I would miss Jessica’s birth. She was well past her due date and being induced on Wednesday, so I made the call to both her and one of my back-up photographers—Sannetta Marsh (who is INCREDIBLE! by the way). Being a birth photographer herself, Jessica was beyond understanding (though I was still so sad about it), and we got everything in place to have Sannetta document her birth. But anytime this happens, whether I miss a birth because it goes too fast for the Mom to call me, or like this first-time scenario, I offer a complimentary Fresh48 session to the family. I will also be delivering Jessica’s birth images to her soon, but I just had to share these gorgeous moments with you all! Jolie was adored on the whole time by her big sister, Becca. Aren’t they so sweet?!