The Birth of Oliver

I’ve been so lucky to have been photographing births here in Springfield and surrounding towns (after doing so in Dallas and Denver before!) for a whole year now. Wow, time is so quick! Throughout this year, I’ve documented mostly out-of-hospital births, but also some stunning hospital births at Cox and Mercy. I would never want women in this community to feel like there is one type of birth that I photograph, because really, every single birth story is incredible, unique, and brings its own power.

Alex was someone I was so thankful hired me for her birth. When I met her and her husband for coffee, the three of us totally connected, and we ended up staying way over an hour talking about all sorts of things. Which is funny because that’s what happened in the birth room!

When I arrived at the hospital, the couple was being checked in and contractions were increasing in strength. I could tell Alex was ready to settle into her birth space and get things going. She expressed how ready she was to have this baby, her third and last, which makes things all the more meaningful.

So many times we go into birth with a plan, but on the other hand, there are also a lot of other reasons to educate yourself before labor about your options and stay open to what you feel you will need in the moment. She’d experienced an epidural and an unmedicated birth from an epidural that didn’t work, so she thought this time she wanted the pain free experience (or close to it!) and the release that came from the epidural. After things were settled, I joined the family again and we all spent time talking just like we did when we first met, while I documented the special moments between them.

It wasn’t long before she felt an immense amount of pressure and was found to be ready to push! It felt like, I’m sure for her, an eternity waiting for the doctor to arrive so she could push her baby out. After 4 pushes, baby Oliver was beautifully born and placed right on her chest. He had the most amazingly thick cord! He spent the next few hours snuggled on his Mom’s chest nursing and then on Dad’s chest snuggling. It was just so perfect. Their third boy was finally with them and their family was complete.