The Birth of Kendrick

My clients that deliver at our local birth center all know that I live only minutes away. I tell them so many times over not to hesitate to call me early on because if things stall, I can always just go home and come back! Or, if things go really quickly, I can be there in minutes.

This was a HUGE encouragement for Katyee, who historically has incredibly fast births. When I say fast, I’m talking about 2 hours total from her first contraction to baby in her arms. Wow! So not only was she encouraged by my living close, but so was I.

We all knew this baby would come into the world speedily, so when she said she was on the way to the birth center, I decided to go ahead come on in! She was worried it was a false alarm, but I just had a feeling it wasn’t! Sure enough, she had been at the birth center only ten minutes when I got here and she was already 10 cm! She had a bulging bag of waters, so the midwife told her if she broke it, baby would probably come flying out.

Just as she said, the midwife broke her bag of waters and baby came out with only 2 pushes. He was a little stunned and took a minute or two to take his first breath, but soon enough, he was crying and pink.

I arrived at the birth center only 5 minutes prior and was in awe of what I’d just witnessed! I’ve seen babies come into the world countless times, but something about the swiftness of this birth suddenly brought light to the reality of how fast life can happen. No moment should be taken for granted--whether ordinary or extraordinary like the birth of this baby boy.

After nursing for the first time, Kendrick was soon welcomed by his older sister and brother, along with his grandparents. They were smitten with their new, tiny baby!